Onboarding Process

Ready to move your enterprise to our robust all-in-one franchise management system? Running a multi-location business is complex enough, so we make onboarding your business and locations as easy as possible! Check out our 5-step process for onboarding your multi-location business.

Stage 1: Discovery

During your discovery stage, you’ll have a demo with one of our experts to learn more about the solutions we offer. This includes a live demo of our software. We’ll ask a series of questions to learn more about your specific busines needs, and we’ll even provide a sandbox environment so that you can test things out on your own. When you’re ready, we’ll get you set up with a plan that works best for your enterprise.

Stage 2: Audit

Our experts will work with your team to assess all the current software tools your enterprise is using. You’ll help us determine which functionality you’ll need to use within our system, as well as which data we’ll need to download and migrate to our FranFuse system. Don’t worry, we’ll do all the heavy lifting on this portion. All you have to do is answer our questions!

Stage 3: Setup

Setup includes our team uploading all of your interprise data into your FranFuse account. This can include your locations, users, services, products, inventory, etc. If you’re integrating with any third-party tools, we’ll use this time to make those connections as well. Finally, if you plan to enable our marketing website service, our designers will work on building that out for you!

Stage 4: Training

We’re dedicated to helping your team succeed, so we provide comprehensive system training for your team. During the training period, you’ll have the chance to use the system with your actual enterprise data uploaded. As you learn how to use the system, feel free to ask questions along the way!

Stage 5: Launch!

This is the most exciting step because it means you’re ready to go live! This stage means we’ll be able to launch your FranFuse account and your team can begin using our platform for daily operations. As always, you’ll have our expert technical support team available if needs arise.