FAQs About Our Software

If you still have questions about our software solutions, onboarding process, or available packages, please set up a demo with us! One of our experts would be happy to walk you through our software, plus answer all the questions you might have!

What is the pricing model?

Our software is geared towards franchises and multi-location businesses looking to scale. We offer base annual fees, plus a per unit pricing model that is more suited to growing brands. We realize that every business is unique, so our team is happy to discuss custom pricing options based on your unique situation!

Is there a minimum or maximum location requirement?

No! We understand that your business could just be starting out, or you could have 75+ locations already! We do not have any minimum or maximum location requirements because our software is designed to handle both small and enterprise-level brands. Set up a demo with us to learn more!

Do you charge per user fees?

No way! We realize that per user fees are killers to scalability, so we focus on a simple, per unit model. 

How do we get all of our data from our current system to FranFuse?

We make migrating over to FranFuse as simple as possible. Our software development team will work closely with you to help pull, map, and migrate your data into our system so that you experience zero downtime! 

Is there a contract involved with using FranFuse?

Yes. Since there can be a process and labor involved for our team to set up your business in FranFuse, we do require you to sign a commitment to get started. Please set up a demo to discuss the agreement options we have available. 

What if I need customizations for my specific business case?

Our team is open to making system customizations within reason. Please note that we have many other businesses using our software, so we do have to consider how such changes might affect other users. That being said, we love new ideas and are excited to explore additions and customizations for the platform based on your specific use case!

Do you offer a trial period?

After you have your demo with our team, we can provide a live sandbox environment to you for further exploration. This will allow you and your team to test most functionality within our system so that you can ensure that it’s a great fit for your business.

Can you integrate with third-party software tools?

Yes! Our software is capable of integrating with many third-party tools, but keep in mind that we have built a powerful system that is designed to replace most other tools you may be using. Schedule a demo to learn more about which tools our system might be able to replace for your business.

Will I have full access and transparency to all my franchise units and/or locations?

Yes! FranFuse allows your corporate office to set up unlimited franchise units, and you can navigate to any one of them at any time! This allows you to not only see all data within each location, but you can also access their reports.

How long does the onboarding process take?

The timeline for onboarding depends on how much data we need to migrate and/or set up in the system. If you opt for our team to set up your business for you, we will consider the number of locations, number of services/products, and number of third-party tools we’ll be dealing with during the process. Please set up a demo with us to learn more about the onboarding timeline for your specific situation.

How can I cancel services?

Once your initial agreement term ends, you’re welcome to cancel services with us. Please keep in mind that any migration services you may need will be charged on an hourly basis between $165 – $225 per hour.